VIP Experience

Money and Freedom


 VIP Experience

Money and Freedom

VIP Experience


What If You Could Get Clear And Focused On The Fastest Ways For Accelerated Results In Your Business For More Income, Impact, And Freedom In 6 Hours Instead of 6 Months?

An Invitation…

Come and spend the day with me…either in person or from the comfort of your own home…and together we will design or redesign your business to be leveraged, lucrative, and lifestyle friendly.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and your business, is an immersion day of focused attention, strategy, and purpose-driven action for more income, impact, and freedom. The Money and Freedom VIP Experience™ is a safe place to kick around ideas, create incredible transformation and breakthroughs, visualize your dreams, and quantum leap your business. Together we will design your business to align with your highest values, priorities, and life vision.   

It’s not just a day together, it’s an experience!

Life-Changing Benefits You’ll Experience During Your VIP Day…

Clarity and Vision

We’ll explore the essence of who you are and what you want to create based on your values, authentic personality, and desired lifestyle. Business is an adventure and the world is your playground, so let’s build your business to support your lifestyle, not fit your life around your business. 

Core Freedom Model Designed Business

You and I will design your ideal lucrative lifestyle business around the core freedoms that are important to you, your family, your purpose, and passions.

Strategies for…

  • Time Freedom
  • Money Freedom,
  • Simplicity Freedom
  • Freedom to be You
  • Location Freedom

Mindset Shifts For Bigger Business

Expect to have breakthroughs about what has been holding you back or kept you from playing bigger. You will be given tools and resources to strengthen your confidence, intuition GPS, and decision-making. Let’s eliminate the non-supportive limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears that are preventing you from the greater possibility of you and your business. 

Focus and Support

The Money and Freedom VIP Experience™ has been designed to support you before, during, and after our day together—A VIP day, plus 30 days of support and encouragement so you can keep focused and on track for your dreams, business goals, and purpose.

Purpose-Driven Business

I’m committed to helping you identify your big reason why, the heart behind your business, and help you to align with course and service offerings that will make your ideal clients happy and that will help you to share your gifts and message with the world.

Leverage and Monetization

We will evaluate, discuss, and uncover hidden missing revenue opportunities in your current business model and look for ways to leverage your expertise. We will make adjustments to current systems, strategy, and profit streams to position you for more time, money, and freedom.


Here are some ideas as to how I can help you (in our pre-VIP Experience call we will lay out a plan for what you want to accomplish most in our time together):

  • How to identify and map out your signature system, and turn it into multiple income streams (both active and passive income)
  • How to create your “Signature Program”—your uniquely branded digital product or service
  • Design an Irresistible Offer and pricing structure—get your potential clients/customers to say “Yes” without feeling salesy
  • ‘You’ infused branding and innovative marketing strategies to attract your most aligned ideal clients
  • How to build a team that supports your vision and mission
  • Foundational building blocks to have a sustainable, joyful, and lucrative business
  • How to embrace selling and reframe the process as a helpful and aligned way to promote services to your potential clients and customers
  • Creation and implementation of a customized growth business plan
  • Identify ways to maximize income while minimizing work hours
  • How to create financial freedom without compromising your lifestyle
  • Owning your value to get higher ticket sales

How Your VIP Experience Works…


#1 Assessment

An in-depth assessment about the current state of your business, mindset, and what you want to achieve next.

#2 Initial Call

An initial kick off call to evaluate, clarify, and design the curriculum for the day. After the call you will be sent some homework and exercises that will prepare you for our VIP Experience.

#3 Colorado

Welcome to Colorado where you will join me at a Denver area location for the day. Details will be sent to you via email as to the date, location, and time (travel and accommodations will be at your expense).

Note: VIP Experience can also be conducted via Skype or Zoom.

#4 Adventure begin

VIP Experience—let the adventure begin! We will spend 6 -7 focused hours together (breaks and snacks during the day). The morning begins with intentions for the day, big picture visioning, and mindset releases. Then we’ll dive into strategies and how to integrate them in your business to align with your goals, values, market, offerings, and lifestyle.

#5 Time for lunch

Time for lunch, my treat. Relax and let your mind take a break from the morning excitement of strategizing your new business vision.

#6 Back to Fun

Back to the fun and we will get deeper into your customized action plans, Freedom Profit Plan™, specific programs, sales, and marketing. I will make sure you know step-by-step what you are going to do and within what time frame. By the time we wrap up you will have clarity, new insights, deeper connection to your new or redesigned lifestyle business, and the roadmap to freedom.

#7 After Support

30 days of support and encouragement so you can keep focused and on track for your dreams, business goals, and purpose.

Is Now Your Time Too Have The Income and Lifestyle That Your Desire?

Imagine quantum leaping your business forward—6 months of business strategy in just 6 hours.

Imagine clearing away the confusion and uncertainty that has kept you from reaching your true potential.

Imagine you are living your ideal lifestyle because you invested in yourself and your business.

How Long Are You Going To Wait To Have The Business Of Your Dreams?

At some point, you have to go for what you want, play full out and say “YES”!

           YES to making the difference you’re truly here to make

           YES to leveraging your expertise into leveraged signature programs

            YES to creating and owning bigger results in your business and for your clients

           YES to feeling confident in your abilities and decisions

            YES to wanting more, being more, and living more into your authentic self

           YES to a lucrative and lifestyle friendly business that gives you freedom of choice

Let’s have an adventure together and create magic in your life and business!

Your Freedom and Money VIP Experience™ includes:

  • An in-depth assessment about the current state of your business, mindset, and what you want to achieve next
  • An initial kick off call to evaluate, clarify, and design the curriculum for the day
  • VIP Experience—let the adventure begin! We will spend 6 -7 focused hours together
  • 2 X 30 minute follow up calls in the 30 days following your VIP Experience to assist you with implementation and address challenges that may come up
  • 1 X 15 minute laser optional call if something comes up that doesn’t fit into a scheduled call
  • Weekly email check-ins during the month for ongoing support and accountability
Episode Freebie


  • Your own Money and Freedom VIP Experience™ Binder customized for your business full of done-for-you content so if at any time you need a refresher you can easily find it. You will also receive a USB flash drive with electronic PDF’s of all the worksheets so you can have them forever
  • Optional Exposure—Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us. However if you desire it, I will promote you and your business to my community through my newsletter and social media outlets

If you are ready to think big, take new actions, and create the business and lifestyle of your dreams, than there is no reason to wait any longer.

Let's have a complimentary conversation to explore ways a Money and Freedom VIP Experience™ will benefit you and your business.