How To Take Your Business From Tired To Inspired

How To Take Your Business From Tired To Inspired

Is your business feeling a little worn and lifeless? Like it needs some oxygen to bring it back to life?

Do you sit down to work and no longer feel connected to the business you created? The drive is gone and there is no sense of urgency to do anything productive today.

Perhaps you have outgrown your business and need to step into a bigger vision. You might have built the wrong business for your chosen lifestyle. Maybe you have a business that no longer speaks to what you really want to create in the world.

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can refresh your business.

Reconnect with your vision

Are you getting lost in the trenches of day-to-day business activities and no longer feel the heart connection to your business?

Block out some time in your schedule to journal and reconnect with your business and life vision.

Why did you start you business? What is important to you? What are your successes and did you celebrate them? How do you want to contribute to others? What do you want your business to contribute to you, your family, and your lifestyle?

Rebrand for a fresh image

When was the last time that you updated your website, marketing, and overall brand?

Liberated Entrepreneur® did a recent website overhaul to better reflect who we are as a company and how we can support our community and clients. During the process of creativity a spark was ignited to think bigger and step into an expanded vision of how we can have more impact.

What can you do today that will refresh your image? It can be as simple as some new website graphics. Have a custom logo created for your brand. Rewrite the About page to reflect your company growth and accomplishments. Review your marketing materials to see if your brand look and feel is consistent.

Maybe it is time for a complete rebrand. You have outgrown the current branding or it no longer represents your market, services, or messaging.

Update or improve your products and service offerings

Are there services you offer that you no longer enjoy delivering? Too often we hold onto offerings that may need to be retired. For example, maybe you started your business doing 1:1 work with clients and have since realized that you hate doing this type of work and would much rather work in a group setting.

Is it time to update one of your courses? Maybe it contains outdated material or long videos lessons that should be shortened. Support materials that need to be redone with your new branding elements. Have you learned something new that you think should be included to add value for your students?

Mix up your work location

If you feel stagnant and uncreative go somewhere different to work.

I love writing in spaces that are surrounded by nature. I feel connected to the earth’s energy and the expansiveness of the environment, which therefore stimulates my creativity.

Maybe for you it might be a coffee shop or another favorite hangout spot. You might also have a space in the house that is nurturing and lets you relax into productivity ease.

Let me know which of these will refresh your business.

Joy and freedom,

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